Wine A Little, Laugh A Lot

One of the very first pieces we ever made was a wine rack made from China berry. When we saw the slab, we knew immediately that we would turn it into a wine rack because the wood was naturally in the shape of a wine bottle.


Recently a client asked us to make her a custom wine rack. She wanted a larger and darker slab of wood. Fortunately, I have a screened in porch jam packed with various types of wood, and we were able to find the perfect black walnut slab just aching to become a wine rack.

While we did have to sand a little more wood off the sides to get it to really look like a wine bottle, the natural shape was very close. I am hoping that we start a fad of wooden wine bottle shapes wine racks.

At the same time that we were making the custom wine rack, we also started playing with wine barrels. Our original thought was to create lazy Susans. However, the moment that we realized that we couldn’t decide what side of the barrel top/bottom was prettier, we knew we had to come up with another idea. Therefore, we started making massive trays out of the tops and bottoms of wine barrels. We only use red wine barrels because the wine stains the inside a gorgeous purple red, while the outside is an equally gorgeous oak.

These trays have become one of our best selling items–so popular that we haven’t had one to take to our last two shows. So maybe we can start two new trends!