Have You Been Served?


cedar serving trays

While Randy loves to create and craft tables, desks, and other large pieces, we have found that they really don’t travel well to various festivals, markets, and arts and craft shows. However, we still want people to “ooh and aah” over the wood with which we work. One of the new ways that we have come up with are serving trays. They can be purely decorative–such as being used as a centerpiece on a dining room table. Or they can be extremely functional. The handles allow people to carry even the biggest slab with ease.

cedar serving tray

As with all of our pieces, we strive to create truly one of a kind items. No two trays will be the same. The natural curves and the grains of the wood automatically make each piece different, but we are also taking great care in selecting unique handles to complement each individual piece.

serving trays