Feeling Jolly


Last weekend, we found two drawers from an old sewing machine cabinet. As I may have mentioned before, I have a fascination with old sewing machines. It may even border on obsession. In the past, I have made caddies out of the other drawers that I have found by putting three glass jars inside the drawer.

My sister uses one for her tea (see above), while another client stated that she was going to use hers in the bathroom to house cotton balls, q-tips and band aids.  We even designed and created extra storage in our downstairs bathroom by attaching three drawers to the top of an old treadle sewing machine that we found in a barn.24129878_10214818045751505_4226536066384086806_n

Usually, I don’t do a great deal of work to the drawers. Honestly, they are the best looking part of most cabinets that we find. However, I really wanted to create something special for the holidays and decided to stain and paint my latest finds. I think the end result is really cute!

I especially like the ribbon scarf that I attached to each of the snowmen, although the trees are festive as well.



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