One Day We Got “Board”



Several weeks ago, Randy was asked to make two custom bread boards. While we had made a couple serving pieces out of live edge slabs (see above), we had not made any out of reclaimed wood. The client was very specific about what look and material she wanted–and the end product was gorgeous. We were so in love that Randy made a couple more, but this time, he was able to play a little more with the finishes.


The first several boards, including the custom ones (first picture), were made from hay loft rafters out of a barn in Michigan. The somewhat circular board in the middle picture above is the only one left that we have made from this material. Randy then made several from heart pine barn siding (which are actually my very favorite). The two rectangular boards pictured above are made from this siding. As the picture shows, the patina can be so very different, but always eye catching–and each board is one of a kind.


The original client wanted cross members in her boards. Randy carefully routed out channels for the placement of edge strips cut from the hay loft rafters. These cross members can be seen on the above board to the left. However, Randy has also made a few boards without the cross members. These boards, like the one on the right, really allow the natural beauty of the siding to fully shine.


We also have started making single serve cheese/serving trays. We happened upon a full pallet of black walnut paneling that had been taken from an older home during a recent remodel. Black walnut just happens to be my absolute favorite wood, so Randy bought the entire lot. While we have a larger project in mind for some of the paneling (stay tuned for that one!), I suggested making a few smaller boards out of some of the larger pieces of the wainscoting. Randy also used some of the heart pine siding to make a couple similar smaller boards, as seen above.

All of our bread/cheese/serving pieces are protected with four coats of a food grade sealer which allows them to be practical as well as beautiful. While we are having a great time experimenting with different wood and finishes, we also love custom orders. As Randy always says, “If you can dream it, we can build it.”




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