On a more personal note


Yesterday was the anniversary of when Randy and my first date should have occurred. A strange thing to celebrate I know, but we do always make mention of the day because it is part of my very favorite story. Randy and I met online. The first time he called me, my youngest son asked me why I was laughing so much. I told him because Randy was a funny man! Later that evening, Randy asked me out for the following weekend. Our plan was to watch the UGA home opener. During the next week and a half, we texted a little and talked on the phone a couple of times. Nothing too deep, but we were slowly getting to know each other. On the morning of the game, my second oldest son and I drove to campus to tailgate with friends and family. While there, I received a call from Randy, telling me that he was not going to make our date because he had been called into work. My best friend, upon hearing that I would not be watching the game with a date, quickly pronounced that he had to be telling the truth, because no self-respecting man would lie about having to go to work when he could be watching football. I can honestly say that I wasn’t angry or even all that disappointed. Although I love Georgia and UGA, I am not a huge football fan. I always say that I have football ADHD. I get too distracted by everything going on around the game and then can’t figure out what is going on in the game. Therefore, since Randy wasn’t going to watch the game, I went home and took a nap.  Later that evening, I texted Randy that he had picked a great game to miss since there had been several rain delays and the game was eventually called. Randy called shortly thereafter, and we started to talk. To seriously talk. Every day for a couple of hours. By the time we actually had our first date on the following Friday, we knew a great deal about each other. I was completely relaxed as we ate dinner, walked around downtown Athens, and grabbed a beer at the Georgia Bar. The next day, Randy took me to a cookout at his best friend’s house–and the rest, as they say, is history.  Three months later, we ran off to the courthouse (literally–Randy parked at the old courthouse and had to run to the correct one) and were married. As much as I would like to say that it was love at first sight, I can’t because we had already begun falling in love before we ever saw each other.

What, one may ask, does this story have to do with old wood? Randy has taught me so much about wood working, but it’s more than just obtaining new information. For years, I always thought that I had no artistic ability, that I wasn’t creative or talented in any way, shape, or form. Randy has given me the confidence and freedom to find my passion.


Bread boards



A few weeks ago, Randy was asked to make a couple of bread boards for a client out of 100 plus year old barn rafters. The client wanted as natural of a finish as possible. Therefore, Randy only gently sanded the tops of the boards and used a food grade sealer. This it truly a case of “what you see is what you get.” No stain was used, and I think the natural finish really highlights just how beautiful and special old wood can be! We are so pleased with the product that we went to Novelty Wood Group yesterday and picked out some “new” pieces of reclaimed wood with which we are going to make additional bread boards. We have several arts and crafts shows/festivals in the works, and I think these boards are going to be super popular. 20170828_162338