Livening Up Lighting


While Randy and I were on our honeymoon, Randy noticed at an old single tree yoke in an antique store. Randy picked it up, walked around with it for awhile, and then placed it back in its original spot. When I asked why he wasn’t purchasing it, he stated that, while he really liked it, he had no idea what he would do with it.  I immediately thought that it would make a unique and pretty light.  Randy happily purchased the light, and the seeds for ILYM Reclamation Design were planted.  By the time we returned home, our car was jam packed with treasures we had found while “junking.”

Ironically, that very first old single tree sits on a bottom shelf in the shop, unchanged. While we still have great plans for it, we have mainly used it as inspiration for several other lighting projects.  I have no idea why I have become so fascinated with lighting, but I have. Truth be told, the existing ugly gold fixtures that decorated our home definitely may have played a part, but it goes beyond just freshening up our house. Randy’s love of wood has inspired me.  I want everyone to have pretty lighting!