The light is up


Randy hung the light on Friday while I was at work.  This weekend, we have continued to work on the counter top, and this summer, we will get rid of the doors that are visible in the picture. Our plan is to wall them in, paint the entire kitchen, and create a small sitting area in the corner where the stool and laundry basket can be seen. We are also going to paint the cabinets as well.  Basically, we are going to have a brand new kitchen.


Let there be light

Work on the kitchen has continued.  A while back, I posted a picture of a cherry slab that we were going to turn into a light. I am happy to say that we have succeeded in doing so (although it is not hanging just yet). But  . . . here is what it is replacing.

Ugly, old kitchen light

And here is the beautiful new light . . .

I love it, I love it, I love it!

We have received such positive feedback that we have already begun working on three more lights. They will have either four, five or six light cages, and all will be available for purchase. The live edges are all slightly larger, but have the same charm as the one above. I’ll be sure to post pictures once they are done.

Hard to believe that with just a little bit of work (and a lot of sanding), we went from a slab of wood (albeit a very pretty one) to a totally unique light fixture.  Now, we just need a little bit of free time to hang the light (and, yes, I will post a picture when it is up!)

Work on the kitchen has begun

As I mentioned before, our home is 21 years old. The kitchen is 21 years old. We bought a new stove/oven, microwave, and dishwasher recently but the rest of the kitchen is rather dated. For well over a year, we have discussed, planned, and window shopped for a new kitchen. One of the main issues with the kitchen is that most of it is taken up with a large,  ugly island that we use only as a dumping ground.

Now, my husband would probably say that the biggest issues with the kitchen is the color scheme and the hydrangea wallpaper border. They are quite something, but the island has been more of a problem for me. It keeps the refrigerator from opening completely and just takes up entirely too much space–space that could be in such a much more functional way. So. . .

On Saturday, we minimized the island!!

To be honest, initially our plan was to rip out the entire bad boy and replace it with something new. We even picked out what we would use. However, once we removed the tile top and part that jutted off the side and back, I realized that we could work with this part of the island. It saves us money, lets us keep the same amount of storage, and it matches the rest of the cabinets (which we are also keeping).  It’s a win-win-win situation.  We then went shopping on the screened porch (yes, that is where we keep a good bit of our inventory of live edges) and found two beautiful slabs of maple that Randy is going to use for the counter top. Stay posted!