Christmas at ILYM Design



We have been very busy getting ready for Christmas since we made many of the gifts we gave to family and friends. Above you will see the picture we framed for one of my very good friends. We found this picture (as well as a couple of others) when we went to Gatlinburg in August. The moment we saw them, we both thought that they would look incredible with a frame made from reclaimed wood.  We used 160 year old curly pine that was used as underlayment for a barn. Randy had quite a time figuring out how to join the edges of the frame–and as a result, we are now the proud owners of another nail gun and a staple gun. In the end, though, I think it was well worth it. Everyone loves their pictures and we have orders for three more.  And we have decided to have some of our own photographs put to canvas and look forward to creating frames for those as well. We’ll keep you posted!


This curly pine is so gorgeous that we hate to waste any of it. Therefore, we also made coaster holders out of some of the remnants. The coasters are made from ceramic tiles on which we have mod podged either scrapbook paper or printed pictures. Matthew, our youngest, enjoys making these coasters so much that he made a set for each of his teachers. For his, he used Christmas themed paper.  Below are some of the ones we made for Randy’s family (and one I just did for fun). Can you guess which ones are Randy’s???


Finally, the last gift we made was for my sister, who attended graduate school in Great Britain. While she always liked tea, the year she spent working on her Master’s degree made her an even bigger fan of it. Therefore, we decided to use an old sewing machine drawer and create her very own tea caddy. We purchased jars from Hobby Lobby and tea from Walmart and Target.

We also purchased an unfinished bird applique to finish off the caddy. I stained it a close color to the original stain of the drawer.