A Sign of Fall

A friendly spider has dropped in to say, “Hi!”

Fall is my very favorite time of year. Cooler weather means more coffee and boots–two of my all time favorites. I especially love decorating for fall. Pumpkins, colored leaves, and even an occasional (fake) spider, makes me happy. Therefore, I am loving what we have been doing in the shop recently.

We had a piece of Chinaberry that was too small to really do anything with, but was much too pretty to just throw away. Therefore, even though, I never intended to make signs, I decided that it  looked spooky enough to make a great sign.

Boo Y’all!!

And what a cute sign it made! Funny thing is that Randy and I  spent at least an hour or so looking at different fonts for the letters before Randy realized that the sap rings made fantastic “O”s for Halloween. I closed in another one to make the “B”. The spider is my favorite part, though. He is just hanging out, happily.







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