Oh Cedar!

I’m going to be perfectly honest. I don’t love cedar. In fact, I don’t really like it all that much, but I have found that most people–especially males–do. Randy and the boys love it. Whenever Randy finds more to purchase and I remind him that I don’t love cedar, the vendors all express shock and dismay. As a result, we have a good bit of cedar live edges with which to play and create.  And Randy continues to be on the lookout for cedar.

I, on the otherhand, will search out black walnut, wormy hickory, and curly pine. Before meeting Randy, I wouldn’t have known any of these beautiful specimens. Now, when I find three lone pieces of 160 year old curly pine, I surprise Randy by buying them all.  He has come to trust me when I start suggesting various pieces. For example, while on vacation this summer, we came across a flea market somewhere outside of Gatlinburg. In one of the very un-air conditioned buildings, I found a pile of wood. Randy had seen it first but had decided not to dig through it because it was covered in fire ants. I am not so easily deterred. Most of it was wormy hickory that was out of a furniture store that closed over 40 years prior in Franklin, Tennesse. We are currently in the process of turning three pieces into tables.  We also bought two pieces that I thought would be perfect shelves–after a bit of a clean up.


So imagine my surprise when I started sanding it and realized that it was (yes, you guessed it) cedar!!

It is amazing what a little sanding can do for wood. And no, cedar still isn’t my favorite.

A Sign of Fall

A friendly spider has dropped in to say, “Hi!”

Fall is my very favorite time of year. Cooler weather means more coffee and boots–two of my all time favorites. I especially love decorating for fall. Pumpkins, colored leaves, and even an occasional (fake) spider, makes me happy. Therefore, I am loving what we have been doing in the shop recently.

We had a piece of Chinaberry that was too small to really do anything with, but was much too pretty to just throw away. Therefore, even though, I never intended to make signs, I decided that it  looked spooky enough to make a great sign.

Boo Y’all!!

And what a cute sign it made! Funny thing is that Randy and I  spent at least an hour or so looking at different fonts for the letters before Randy realized that the sap rings made fantastic “O”s for Halloween. I closed in another one to make the “B”. The spider is my favorite part, though. He is just hanging out, happily.