Lucky Dog Food Storage Cabinet

The finished project

A few weeks back, I discovered an old potato bin at a garage sale. It was green. Very green. Except for the top that had lost most of it paint and revealed some beautiful pine. Originally, I thought I would cover the green with a light shade of gray. In my mind, I saw a sort of white washed effect, with the green peeking through a bit. Instead I ended up with an ugly gray potato bin.

It was horrid.

Fortunately, as with most mistakes, there was a remedy. I immediately started wiping off most of the stain (it says stain on the container, but it seems more like paint to me!) The next day, I took a sander to it and quickly realized that I should have done this to begin with. The resulting patina is fantastic. From what we can tell, originally the bin was painted white or ivory, then a cheery sky blue, and finally green. Sometimes, less truly is more.


It doesn’t appear that the bin ever had a handle, so Randy took an old horse shoe, derusted it, and attached it to the bin. We had an interesting debate about which direction the horseshoe should hang. For centuries, people have believed that the horseshoe brings good luck and good fortune.  And while some people believe that the horseshoe should hang in a downward position in order to surround your home with positive feelings, good fortune, and protective powers, others (including Randy) firmly believe that for the horseshoe to do its magic, it has to be hung in an upward position (like a “U”). Otherwise, all of the good luck just falls away.

I think the horseshoe is a perfect touch, and any animal will be lucky to have this bin hold its food. A four pound bag of dog food easily fits inside of it, and there is plenty of room left for treats or even toys.

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