Susan’s table

The finished table

Randy inherited his love of wood from his daddy, Franklin James Jarrett. I never met him, but I have insight into whom he was since I was able to help clean out his barn, out buildings, and home after the death of Randy’s mom. Like Randy, his daddy respected and appreciated all things wood. Randy often says that all wood has character and it is our job to bring it out. Throughout our home, we have pieces that Randy’s dad constructed–some with the help of Randy.

When Randy started working again with wood, his sister, Susan, asked him to make her a sofa table. One Friday night, we loaded up some live edge pieces and drove over to her house. We had recently purchased several slabs of Chinaberry and two of them were perfect for what Susan wanted.


During the construction, Randy realized that the dimensions that Susan wanted were going to result in the top shelf possibly bowing. To prevent that from happening, Randy cut some cedar runners from old planters we salvaged from Susan’s yard. The planters had been built some 20 years earlier by Ken, Randy’s brother-in-law, from cedar out of the shop of Randy’s and Susan’s dad. To be able to incorporate a bit of that work–something done by hand years ago and loved by many for all of those years–into something new is exactly our goal for every piece that we create.

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